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Item reviewed: JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer 96818

About the product: Made from 86% micro polyester and 14% spandex, the JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer is a low-rise boxer brief that hugs the body like a second skin – hence the “Skinz” collection name. With full coverage extending about ⅓ of the way down the leg, the fabric is lightweight and highly breathable. The contoured pouch on the JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer is sandwiched between two seams to provide extra support and the legs contain thin bands to help prevent them from riding up. The underwear is striped red and black, with a thin one-inch black waistband containing a small tag in front with the company’s logo.

What we like: The combination of microfiber and spandex provides supreme comfort and a great fit in the JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer. The Skinz collection is all about sculpting the body and with a good amount of spandex, these boxer briefs have enough stretch to fit comfortably with the added bonus of a smooth, silky feel against the skin. Also, the striped design and simple black waistband give off a fun, subtle vibe while still being tasteful, and making you look hot.

What we don’t like: Despite the small bands around the legs on the JM Skinz Fashion Pouch Boxer, there is still some minimal riding up that occurs. Luckily, however, because the fabric is so comfortable, it’s barely noticeable and hardly annoying.

When we’d wear them: A day in the office. On a roadtrip. On a first date.

Who we’d recommend them to: Someone who wants a pair of underwear that is very comfortable, supportive, and fun without being loud or showy.

In three words: Silky. Smooth. Comfort.


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