Review: Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief

Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief

Item reviewed: Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief

About the product: The Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief is made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. The suit is not lined in the front, meaning your junk will be outlined in great detail. The suit comes in turquoise and silver, which illuminate the black suit via a series of vertical lines. On each side of the front pouch are see-through “windows.” The back is not full coverage, allowing each cheek some exposure without being completely exposed. The front drawstring sits on the outside of the suit.
What we like: The Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief outlines, enhances and supports everything well. The suit is lightweight, and the colors really stand out and draw attention.
What we don’t like: The back of the Bodyaware Mercury Swim Brief seems almost indecisive about whether it wants to be a full brief or a thong.
When we’d wear them: A sexy show at the pool.
Who we’d recommend them to: An Adonis wanting to put his goods on display.
In three words: Skimpy. Contoured. Revealing.
For more information on this brand: Bodyaware
Photo Credit: Bodyaware
Product Supplied by Bodyaware



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