Review: Bluebuck Blue Trunk

Item reviewed: Bluebuck Blue Trunk

About the product: The Bluebuck Blue Trunk is a full coverage boxer brief made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. It has a one and a quarter inch soft waistband striped in blue and white with the Bluebuck stitched logo at the front. This boxer brief is in solid navy blue with contrasting flat stitching in white thread. The pouch is double-layered fabric. The boxer brief is made in Portugal.

What we like: The Bluebuck Blue Trunk’s cotton jersey is soft, and with the addition of the elastane, it wears gently, like your favorite old sweatshirt. The lack of a rear seam avoids riding, and the contoured pouch support allows these boxer briefs to be comfortable all day. The navy and white color scheme is understated, but the white stitching keeps it visually interesting. Bluebuck’s sustainability program uses organic cotton and renewable energy in the manufacturing process, which enhances the appeal of the brand.

What we don’t like: As largely cotton construction, these boxer briefs don’t perform as well in the moisture wicking and cooling departments for athletics or in hot summer weather.

When we’d wear them: Daily, as comfort matters.

Who we’d recommend them to: Those guys who shun the trendy and ‘fashionable’ for a great pair of comfortable boxer briefs.

In three words: Classic. Comfortable. Reliable.


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