Review: Blackspade Tender Cotton Shorty

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Item reviewed: Blackspade Tender Cotton Shorty

About the Product: The Blackspade Tender Cotton Shorty features a mid-rise slimming waist and flat-locked seams. The comfort waistband is a matching color with the Blackspade logo offset to the left and a grey stripe near the top. Pouch is contoured and a two piece design. Made up of primarily cotton with an added eight percent elastane for a comfort stretch.

What we like: A minimalistic design for maximum comfort and support. Color pallet is simple and congruent with the design features of the briefs. Natural materials in addition to modern design make this a one-two punch combination.

What we don’t like: Darker colors fade after being washed only a few times although that’s just the nature of dark colors on natural materials.

When we’d wear them: Heading for the batting cages to hit some home runs. Relaxing with your honey after a night on the town.

Who we’d recommend them to: This type of underwear plays a key role in every mans life. They would be good for any guys looking to replenish the basics of his underwear drawer.

In three words: Key. Fundamental. Natural.


For more information on this brand: Blackspade

Photo Credit: Blackspade

Product Supplied by Blackspade


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