Review: Blackspade Sports Long Sleeve

Item Reviewed: Blackspade Sports Long Sleeve T-Shirt 9279

About the Product: The Blackspade Sports Long Sleeve T-Shirt 9279 is a thermal shirt designed with outdoor sports in mind. A Blackspade thermal level which means that this shirt is meant for moderate to high activity in cold or slightly warm conditions. At forty-nine percent viscose and polyester and the remaining elastane it gives a pleasurable yet snug fit.  This garment bears three different colors, the torso is black, the sides are white, and the arms/shoulders are red.  Logo is featured

What we like: BlackSpade thermals are amazing it seems to almost wick away moisture immediately. Snug fitting without feeling clingy to the skin. Exceptionally soft material that rivals some of the best fabrics. A very slimming style begging you to wear it by itself in warmer weather.

What we don’t like: Fast moisture wicking may give some wearers a chill because it has a tendency to work too well.  Hang/air dry only (eventual this is going to end up in someones dryer and may destroy it).

When we’d wear them: This shirt tucked into a pair of khakis would make a snazzy saturday afternoon outfit just by itself. Throw on some sweats and cuddle up with a book or your tablet for the evening. Kicking it with some new friends at the ski lodge after a day on the slopes.

Who we’d recommend them to: This shirt would keep any man dry and warm in the cold even those who tend to perspire more than others.

In three words: Lounging. Limber. Refreshing.


For more information on this brand: Blackspade

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