Review: aussieBum WonderJock Bare Hipster

aussieBum WonderJock

Item reviewed: aussieBum WonderJock Bare Hipster

About the product: The aussieBum WonderJock Bare Hipster Navy is a pair of boxer briefs that are designed, manufactured, and shipped from Sydney to make you feel comfortable and look bigger. The 1.5-inch waist band is light blue with a thin white stripe at the top, and then a bold white stripe at the bottom. In-between “aussieBum” is written at the front and back center, as well as the sides in white. The rest of the boxer briefs are solid navy blue. They feature a double-lined, closed-contoured enhancing pouch. The pouch uses aussieBum’s WonderJock Technology to collect and lift the package, creating bulge without padding. The underwear is made from micro modal (87%) and elastane (13%), allowing them to offer extreme comfort as well as flexibility. AussieBum offers free international shipping, a 90-day return policy, and satisfaction guaranteed.

What we like: These are so superlatively soft. The moment we touched the aussieBum WonderJock, we couldn’t wait to put them on and after taking them off, we were counting down the minutes until we could put them on again. The aussieBum WonderJock fits and supports perfectly because of the elastane, and then is supple because of the micro modal. The aussieBum WonderJock pouch offers comfortable enhancement and support. We can tell why products like these have helped aussieBum win “Australian Exporter of the Year” – twice.

What we don’t like: The material on the aussieBum WonderJock is supper soft, but builds a look of light pilling after one use. It’s worth it, because they are so soft; just be aware that they will look older than they actually are. They are a bit bland.

When we’d wear them: Anytime. Especially during exercise, because the aussieBum WonderJock offers great support.

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone. Guys who want particularly soft underwear. Guys who are looking for a comfortable pair of enhancing underwear.

In three words: Soft. Enhancing. Support.


For more information on this brand: aussieBum

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