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Any man who loves to play sports knows its more beneficial to wear performance underwear. Why? You’ll stay drier longer, and you’ll have added support, so your boys aren’t swinging around for everyone to see. Lupo underwear has many styles perfect for sporting that you can sync up to every sport that you like playing.

The Liberdade Men’s Seamless Microfiber Boxer Brief would be a lovely choice for a guy who likes to play hockey. This style contours to your body and is stretchy enough to move with you. The fabric in Lupo underwear is comfortable and moisture wicking, so you can keep yourself dry underneath all of your protective gear. It also comes in several colors just in case you want to match your underwear to the team you’re playing for’s colors.

The Micro Modal Seamless Mens Boxer Brief will be the perfect pair of Lupo underwear if you plan on playing a bit of American football with your friends. This style is very soft, and the leg openings are lower on your leg for maximum coverage and less skin-rubbing-together while you run. This style has a snug fit to prevent riding or bunching up, so it will move with you while you strive to make the winning touchdown!

The seamless Stretch Boxer Briefs are perfect for soccer or football! This Lupo underwear style was designed for Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. and features the Brazilian flag on the waistband. The high-tech anatomical design will provide comfort and support to your boys while you get busy on the field. The moisture wicking material will keep you dry and the seamless design will help prevent chaffing while you run around. The mesh-like swirls all over the fabric will keep you cool and have the garment moving with you during every play.

More of a baseball fan? Check out the Sport Men’s Seamless Microfiber Boxer Brief Underwear! This Lupo underwear style is perfect for a good baseball game! The moisture wicking material will keep you dry while the mesh material will keep you cool during the game. The anatomical design will give your manhood the comfort and support it deserves while you play your heart out. This stretchy Lupo underwear style will move with you as you slide into home!

Basketball is the preferred sport of many men. The seamfree boxer brief will help you preform at your peak while you make your next fast break! The snug fit will prevent riding up and the anatomical design will keep you supported while you jump for the next ball. The seamfree design will keep you from chaffing and the plaid pattern adds a bit of flair. This style also has antimicrobial odor prevention technology to keep you smelling fresh down there while you own the court.

Which pair of Lupo underwear do you wear while playing your favorite sport? Which sports do you plan on playing a lot this spring and summer season? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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