New Malebasics In Sexy Adrian C. Martin Action

The two latest Malebasics collections were photographed by Adrian C. Martin on four tanned and ripped models. They were shot out in the desert wearing new Malebasics underwear and catching a sexy glisten from the sun. And if that photoshoot “did it for you,” then the accompanying video will overwhelm you – in a good way. Eric Jurado, Airam Amador, Fede Averame and Javier Morales are all captured even more in-the-flesh than last time.

Adrian’s photoshoot showed just how sexy the new Malebasics underwear could be. Put flattering underwear on a ripped and sweaty model and you’re looking at money. But where the video one-ups the photoshoot is it’s ability to zoom in extra close and set a more visceral mood. Double exposure and slow music set the models’ desert hike to look like a dream, or maybe a mirage induced by bright sunlight and tangible heat.

Adrian C. Martin’s video of the new Malebasics underwear starts out with a quick workout. After that, the guys are all show-and-don’t-tell. They wander around, flex their muscles – something that’s always appreciated – and give a provocative tug on their Malebasics waistbands. Both the new Malebasics Camo Collection and Neon Collection are made from a moisture wicking blend of nylon (78% Nylon, 22% Lycra) that wicks moisture away from the four models’ waists. The rest of their bodies are exposed and coated with a thin layer of sweat. The sexy glisten is perfectly distracting and compliments the underwear’s active ability.

Is there a pair of new Malebasics underwear that keeps stealing the show for you? Which of the new Malebasics collections would you wear the hell out of? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Malebasics

Video Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Models: Eric Jurado, Airam Amador, Fede Averame and Javier Morales

Sponsored by Malebasics


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