New Cocksox Neoprene Marks 9 Years Of Sexiness

What’s sexy and turning 9 years old today? It’s Cocksox, of course! And to celebrate their 9th year of keeping men’s junk in freakishly flattering underwear and swimwear, the brand is introducing the new Cocksox Neoprene Swim line.

Cocksox Neoprene Swimwear adapts to the shape of your body and fits almost like a wetsuit. The material (15% Neoprene, 85% SBR) is very lightweight and highly durable. Also like you’d expect from a wetsuit, Cocksox Neoprene swim retains its shape and color, no matter how big of a splash you want to make. But this is Cocksox, celebrating their 9th anniversary no less, and there is way more sex appeal in the Cocksox Neoprene Swim Line than its material.

The CX08NP Neoprene Swim Trunk ($72) is the most discrete you can get with the Cocksox Neoprene Swim Line, and they aren’t discrete at all. They have a modern square cut that covers your front and rear completely, and in the middle a material that leaves little to the imagination. The CX08NP Swim Trunk even as a sexy zipper accent on the left hip, and is made with the brand’s contoured pouch design.

The CX79NP Neoprene Boy-Leg Swim Brief ($62) brings something a little less than a swim brief to the table. It’s cut like a swim brief, and then cut some more to leave two wrap-around cut-outs on either hip. The only thing better than a second skin fit is your actual skin. And like the Neoprene Swim Trunk, the Boy-Leg Swim Brief is also made with a contour pouch for extra definition where you want it.

But if you really want to go all out for this feisty brand’s 9th anniversary, you’d want their new CX02NP Neoprene Swim Brief ($60). This swim brief is much more narrow than the Boy-Leg Swim Brief – it could almost pass for a bikini. But where it really wins and makes us lose it is a “quick release buckle” on the right hip.

It’s time to celebrate Cocksox, but you get the presents.

Are you going to wear your best Cocksox now that you know it’s the brand’s birthday? Which style of Cocksox Neoprene Swim are you man enough to wear to the water? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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