N2N Jammers: Your Second, Waterproof Skin

N2N Jammers

N2N Jammers are part of the brand’s 2015 Swim Collection, and without a doubt, are the most full-coverage swimwear you’ll find from this frisky brand. But that shouldn’t imply that the new N2N Jammers ($25) aren’t sexy. They are. All of the N2N Jammers are made from a body-contouring material (83% nylon, 17% spandex) that fits like a second skin. And with the exception of one classier Jammer, each of the N2N Jammers is designed with a fun, wild, and awesomely unique print.

The N2N Aqua, Pulse, Hula Boy, and Cosmo Jammers each come in a single color variation, but only because their prints are the boldest. The Hula Boy Jammer looks like classic swimwear with a navy body and white floral print. The Cosmo Jammer and Pulse Jammer are more futuristic, but the Cosmo design still has a retro finish where the Pulse Jammer is colorful and trippy. The Aqua Jammer is special because it looks like fish scales, and makes your lower half resemble a merman.

The South Beach Jammer is made from the same material blend as the other designs, and comes in Aqua, Pink, and Lavender variations. The print looks like a modern classic, and accents the soft colors with white and black for something more fashionable than fun.

And if that’s still your number one goal, even when swimmer, you can’t beat the N2N Crush Jammer. It’s the only solid design from the N2N Jammer Collection and comes on Royal, Olive, and Black. The design resembles crushed velvet. The N2N Jammers is how N2N swims in luxury.

The N2N Jammers Collection is available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the N2N Jammers do you think have the coolest design? Or, do you prefer the solid finish of one of the Crush Jammers? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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