Match Your Mundo Unico Prints To Every Day Of Your Week

Getting into the mindset for the day is ahead of you starts at the same place: your underwear drawer. Would you wear the same pair to work on Monday morning as you would wear at happy hour on Friday night? Probably not. Match Your Mundo Unico prints with every day of the week. Check out our suggestions!

Monday Commute – Everyone dreads dragging himself to work on Monday morning. We all just want every day to be a part of the weekend, but the Microfiber Cristalino White Mid Boxer is a perfect cure for even the worst case of the Mondays. This boxer is comfortable and has a supportive pouch to keep you feeling put together.

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 1

Super Tuesday – With Tuesday comes a new, rejuvenated attitude! Brighten up your morning with the Caribbean Bikini Manila and show off a little skin! This bright and perky bikini will have you feeling bright and perky through out your work day.

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 2

Hump Day Wednesday – Only two days left until the weekend! Celebrate with your significant other in the Pinos Jock Strap! After all, it is hump day! The geometric design and bright colors are a fun way to catch your special someone’s attention after a long day at work. Who wouldn’t want to blow off some steam?

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 3

Throwback Thursday – Feeling a little nostalgic and anticipating all of the throwback Thursday posts on your Instagram feed? Kick it Thursday off right with the Asfalto Brief, a brief straight out of the classic collection.

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 4

TGIF – You finally made it! It’s finally the last day of the work week! Woot! Celebrate by throwing on the Urbe Short Boxer! This bright, urban city print is sure to bring out the best in you for your final stretch before the weekend! Celebrate after work. You deserve it!

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 5

Saturday Night Live – Saturday means pregaming and going out to dance the night away with your friends. The Eufrates Brief has bright blue and white stripes that will match your vibrance on the dance floor. The supportive pouch will keep your boys in place while you move to the beat. This style will have you feeling comfortable while you’re on the dance floor, making it the perfect choice.

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 6

Sunday Matches Day – Get excited to watch your favorite soccer or football team in the Babuino Mid Boxer! The colorful design and comfortable fit are enough to have anyone excited to watch sports!

Match Your Mundo Unico Prints 7


Which styles will you choose when you match your Mundo Unico prints to the day of the week? What’s your favorite day of the week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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