Last Chance To Sport N2N Swimwear This Summer

Sport N2N Swimwear This Summer

The summer season always passes way too fast for anyone’s liking. Sport N2N swimwear this summer at the beach before fall comes and you lose your opportunity!

Get sassy and playful with a few fun prints! The Safari X features briefs and trunks in zebra print, if you’re feeling particularly ferocious. If you want to walk past a group of hotties unnoticed, try out the Camo Bold swim brief. The camo print is sure to keep you disguised. On the other hand, if you want to stand out try out the colorful LA Pop Sport brief. It has pops of bright color and a unique design that will have heads turning this summer.

If you’re a guy who prefers to cover up a little more, check out the colorful Jammers collection. This collection fits snugly and cuts off right above your knee. With 5 totally different print styles and colors, how can you go wrong?

Some guys prefer stripes and color blocked designs. Are you one of those guys? Then check out these styles. The PX Racer is mostly one color with black and a contrasting color stripes on each hip for a simple touch. The Sea Diver is a similar design except it’s a swim trunk and the side stripes are bigger. If you’re looking for thinner stripes with tons of color, check out the Veracruz collection. The swim brief and trunk will both have you looking good.

The Blazer Collection uses color blocking to highlight your boys and your backside crease. The Nitro X collection is similar but uses transparent mesh material on your hips to show off a little skin and the stripe goes across your bum.

The LA Glow Collection’s color blocking is busier. Each style uses three colors that are color blocked in the front and make up diagonal stripes across your backside. This style is attention-grabbing and perfect for the beach.

Are you going to sport N2N Swimwear this summer? What’s your favorite style from this season’s collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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