Keep Cool In New PUMP! Frost Styles

In case you weren’t paying attention, two new pairs have been added to the PUMP! Frost Collection. Now you can keep your summer cool even longer with the Frost Jock and Touchdown Frost. The new PUMP! Frost styles bring less and more of the collection’s chilled appearance. We’re speaking of coverage of course. But the coolest thing about these new PUMP! Frost looks is that they’re even sportier than the previous brief and jogger.

The PUMP! Frost Jock ($22) has a sexy bite simply because it’s a jock, but what leaves you frostbitten is the baby blue and white colors on the pouch and waistband. Because where else would the color go? The rear straps are white, and compliment the Frost Jock’s contrasting seam on the blue micromesh pouch. The contrast is subtle, icy, and help brighten up the fiery hot jock.

The Touchdown Frost ($34) has a trunk cut that’s even sportier, and gives the Frost Jock’s sex appeal a run for its money. Where the jock has skin, the touchdown Frost has a lot more micromesh. It’s placed everywhere except the cotton pouch for a hard hit of athleticism. Think playing football on an icy field. The legs are also finished with a three-stripe trim with two baby blue strips bordering a white one. They cool be the trims on a jersey’s sleeve, and make the Touchdown Frost the sportiest look in the Frost Collection.

Both new PUMP! Frost pairs are made from a nylon micromesh blend (64% Nylon 19% Cotton 14% Spendex) that also makes the breathable and great for wear at the gym, or on those scorching hot summer days.

The PUMP! Frost Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Which of the new PUMP! Frost pairs do you like more? Does the PUMP! Frost Collection just so happen to be one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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