Howdy Angels, It’s Eric Angelo In Jack Adams

Fans of model Eric Angelo are referred to as Angels, not unlike Justin’s Beliebers or Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. This is kind of ironic, especially if you follow Eric’s Youtube channel or check out his exclusive Underwear Expert photoshoot below. Why? Because both cause rather sinful thoughts to stir. Eric’s got nothing but Jack Adams underwear to cover his manhood in Jerrad Matthew’s latest TUX exclusive. The rest is all muscle, and a must-see for admirers of sexy ripped men – which is pretty much everyone.

When The Underwear Expert thinks “Jack Adams,” we think of pairs that are designed sporty and cut sexy. As masculine of a brand as Jack Adams is, they’re unafraid to show off a man’s skin. And when that man is Eric Angelo, their underwear works even better. Eric models three pairs of Jack Adams in the shoot; two briefs and a boxer brief, all of which are nice and narrow.

Narrow underwear cuts almost always imply a low-rise waistband. A career as a model almost always implies a trim V-shaped waist. So when Eric Angelo slips his jacked body into Jack Adams, it’s sexy. Think ripped heartbreaker in the locker room saving getting dressed for last. He’s already a looker, and oh look, he’s wearing his Jack Adams today.

All of Eric’s pairs, as sexy as they are, are still on the more discrete end of Jack Adam’s collections. (Don’t forget, the brand also designs some inventive jocks.) The full-coverage pairs give Eric Angelo a more innocent kind of sex appeal. It’s sexy because it’s flattering, not because it’s transparent or made from leather. The Flex Fit Army Brief, Team Brief, and Hawthorne Boxer are each designed with contrast trims that zap out against a black body. Black can be accented by anything to look either athletic, or neon, or erotic. We get casual athletic from Jack Adams. And what’s even better is the Hawthorne Boxer and Flex Fit Army Brief are also moisture wicking for the gym.

Do you think Eric Angelo and Jack Adams underwear is a match made in heaven? Are you one of Eric Angelo’s Angels? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Jack Adams

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Eric Angelo

Products Supplied by Jack Adams


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