On-The-Go Style In The Levi’s Commuter Series

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The Levi’s Commuter Series is designed for any commute, whether you’ve got a jump on the day or if you’re in a rush. The series includes boxer briefs and training shorts made from a moisture-wicking blend of pima cotton (60% pima cotton, 35% polyester, 5% spandex). But the functionality of the Levi’s Commuter Series isn’t without style. Both underwear styles are designed with the Levi’s batwing logo, and a red chain-stitched detail on the back of the waist.

The Levi’s Commuter Boxer Brief ($32.50) has a classic boxer brief cut that’s discrete, handsome and flattering. It’s designed with a contoured pouch to for added support and a more flattering, comfortable fit. The underwear’s backside also fits just as well, and looks just as good, thanks to a seamless construction.

The Levi’s Commuter Training Shorts ($32.50) are designed with a longer length in the legs. This is great for men who prefer a little more coverage, or need the extra moisture-wicking material. Like the Levi’s Commuter Boxer Briefs, the Commuter Training Shorts are designed with a reflective, exposed elastic waistband. This makes it even more suitable for a run – otherwise known as the most intense of commutes. Both underwear styles in the Levi’s Commuter Series are also designed with a mesh gusset for added breathability. A gusset, for those who don’t know, is a piece of fabric that’s inserted into a seam for a less restrictive fit.

The brand’s iconic batwing logo can be found at the waistband’s center. Keeping with the simple design of the Levi’s Commuter Series, the logo features zero text, and matches the color of the underwear body, either black or matte silver.

The Levi’s Commuter Series is available in sizes S – XL.

Which underwear style from the Levi’s Commuter Series would you rock during the daily grind? Are you a fan of moisture-wicking cotton-based fabrics? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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