Go The Distance In Freedom Reigns Workout Pants

Freedom Reigns Workout Pants

Freedom Reigns’ active styling makes a run toward the modern with these Freedom Reigns Workout Pants. There are two new designs that bring something more full-coverage than shorts to the gym. They also bring something much more fashionable than the average pair of gym shorts. It’s all about the longer legs for these Freedom Reigns workout pants. They make the gym somewhere you can feel and look your best.

The G-Force Cropped Pants ($74) is the trendier of the new Freedom Reigns workout pants. Available in subtle Charcoal and bold Yellow variations, the pants are cropped right below the knee. And because they’re made from a form-fitting material (100% Athletic Dry-Poly) the longer length still fits snug down the leg. Adding to this sleek look is a flatter front and waistband that’s free of text or cords. The G-Force Cropped Pants are designed with contrasting stripes down either leg with the brand name near the bottom. The contrasting stripes are also where you’ll find two useful pockets.

The Neon GT Banded Ankle Cycle Pants ($92) have a slightly looser fit and a more flowing material (86% polymicro, 14% spandex). These Freedom Reigns workout pants still stay close to your body though, all thanks to a banded drawstring waistband and banded ankles. This design also has two pockets on either side, as well as two rear pockets. But what makes this a fashionable pair is its inset quilted accents. Available in Navy and Charcoal, it’s a more discrete design that’s still worth a little spotlight.

These Freedom Reigns Workout Pants are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of the two new Freedom Reigns workout pants could you pull off better? Do you like to workout in pants over shorts? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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