Get Wet With Derek Allen Watson, In Sultry Black & White

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Looking for a little pick-me-up? Check out the latest shoot Derek Allen Watson shared with us. The model has shared some stand-out photoshoots with us before, but this one raises the bar, takes the cake, then goes home with the gold. Photographer BigBad Llamma teams up with Derek to give us fashionably sexy shoot, all in stunning black and white. It’s artistic as much as it’s erotic. And all eyes are on Derek and his trendy apparel – underwear included.

Kicking things off in a dirty way, the first shots show Derek getting clean and wet in the shower. These ultra sexy pics tease us with glimpses of his sexy body. He’s naked of course, but blurred by the shower door – something you’d only see if you were alone in a hotel with him. Spoiler Alert: there is one pic where Derek stands half exposed. And it’s the back half, side butt included.

Before we go to Derek’s cool clothes, he lingers around for a while, holds his teddy bear, and smokes a cigarette. And it’s these lazy day shots that really make this a new Underwear Expert favorite. Light spills through a window and BigBad Llama makes the most of it with black and white. It’s intimate and even feels fresh out of the shower. But you can’t stay inside with Derek Allen Watson all day.

After showing off that body, Derek shows off his contemporary street style. His various looks include a comfortable long sleeve shirt paired with white briefs, some super short denim, and a black mesh tank with plenty of see-through appeal. As fashionable as he is, it’s no surprise we also catch him in a swim brief. But with a body like that, wouldn’t anyone show it off?

Which of these pics of Derek Allen Watson do you find most alluring? Are you in need of a cold shower? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this model: Derek Allen Watson

Photo Credit: BigBad Llama

Model: Derek Allen Watson

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