Freedom Reigns Workout Shorts, Form-Fit For The Gym

Freedom Reigns Workout Shorts

If you thought the new Freedom Reigns Team was sexy because of their bodies, look again. There’s more to it than that, because what’s hotter than an active guy in some perfect-fitting activewear?

There are two styles of Freedom Reigns Workout Shorts. Sure, you can practically wear any pair of Freedom Reigns shorts to the gym. But what gives these two designs the label “Workout Shorts” is their sexy body-forming fits.

The Freedom Reigns Tech-Fit Workout Short ($65) comes in Charcoal and Navy variations where one color is accented by the other. It’s an easy contrast to pull off in the gym. A colorblocked design gives it style, and a noticeably low waist is just the beginning of the sex appeal. The most stylish thing of all is their drawstrings. These Freedom Reigns workout shorts have placed the cord off-center on the left. It’s awesomely asymmetrical, and lets the sexy, stretchy material (86% polymicro and 14% spandex) show off your front. And to show you play for the Freedom Reigns Team too, a small brand emblem is placed on the left leg.

The Freedom Reigns Neon GT Slim Fit Workout Short ($72) comes in the same color variations with navy accented by neon orange, and charcoal by neon yellow. Made from 100% Athletic Dry Polyester, these have an even more form-fitting look, close to compression shorts. Unlike the Tech-Fit Workout Shorts, these are designed with a drawstring. But what makes them even sexier (and super stylish) is a black quilted panel on the rear and down the sides. It brings quick attention to your backside – and your sense of style. On this design, the sporty neon accents are used to border the black quilted stripe on either leg, and the brand logo on the right leg.

These Freedom Reigns Workout Shorts are available in sizes S – XL.

Which of these Freedom Reigns Workout Shorts would you wear during your workout? Is grey and navy a color combo you already rock at the gym? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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