Why We’re FEELing This Summer’s Ergowear Swimwear

Ergowear is all about making sexy underthings with ergonomic designs. You could say pairs of Ergowear are made to feel virtually nonexistent. You feel comfortable, free, and above all else, sexier than usual. The trick is the brand’s pouches. Each is made with an enhancing and supportive 3-D effect, Ergowear swimwear included. So if you thought the sex appeal of Ergowear underwear was only appropriate for the bedroom, think again.

The gallery below shows off this summer’s Ergowear FEEL Swimwear. Ergowear’s FEEL pouches have a non-defining shape that leaves little to the imagination. Unlike most of today’s swimwear, Ergowear FEEL Swimwear comes unlined to be honestly revealing. The sexy pics below prove, without a fraction of a doubt, that Ergowear only gets better where it’s wetter. Can’t stand the sex appeal of Ergowear swimwear? Get out of the water.

Ergowear FEEL Swimwear is modeled by Glen Alfaro at a rooftop pool, and Alejandro Rossetti at the Pacific beach and ecological reserve of Tunquén,Chile. Two exotic locations and two distinct tastes, or rather, FEELs of Ergowear. Glen sticks to the dark side with a black and red pair of FEEL Swimwear. They have the most coverage and bring more discretion to a brand that’s literally in-your-face with its pouches. But Glen is sexy, and comes complete with a six-pack set of abs and flashy red-lens shades. So good thing he also packed a FEEL Swim Brief.

Alejandro packs more than a couple FEEL Swim Briefs for his beach shoot. He’s got the blue and turquoise pairs on first. The blue is dark and gives a pinch of regal class to the skimpy cut – which don’t forget, is all you in 3-dimensional glory. Alejandro’s third swim brief is a bright lime green. It’s the brightest pair in all the shoot, and pops out at you in more ways than one – no glasses required.

Would you show off your Ergowear Swimwear at the pool or beach? Are you a swim brief guy, or more of a trunk man? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Ergowear

Photo Credit: Andrés Cabezas

Models: Glen Alfaro, Alejandro Rossetti

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