Feel Saucy in The New Candyman Leather and Kink Update

CTL: Mack Weldon

Feeling adventurous and looking to spice up your sexy time in the bedroom? Try out the Candyman Leather and Kink Update! These leather, strappy and mesh styles will have your partner ready to dominate!

If you find yourself curious about restraints and blindfolds check out the S & M outfits: 99157, 99159, and 99161. The 99157 ($34.48) comes with a onesie, a blindfold, and cuffs. This sexy style features faux-leather in a strappy design that crosses over the back and connects to a sheer mesh material on your chest with straps that fall down your front to meet horziontal straps that make up your underwear portion. This garment has minimal coverage with just a pouch for your boys and a thong back. T blindfold and cuffs are made up of faux-leather and are sure to add a little flair to the bedroom! If you prefer something a little more toned down tryout the 99159 ($39.48) and 99161($35.48). Both styles feature a sheer mesh boxer brief that’s see through everywhere except for around your junk. There’s a sexy open back lace up right over your booty for an extra little show! The 99159 features a faux leather blindfold and the 99161 features a faux leather cuff.

If you’re just looking for hot faux leather bottoms check out the 99137, 99138, and the 99140! The 99137($16.48) Jockstrap is a white and black microfiber style with a lace up design on the pouch that mimics that of a football uniform. The white elastic straps above and below your booty will provide you with extra support where you need it. The 99138($20.48) Jockstrap hasminimal coverage with a thong back and bottom straps, it has a microfiber features wet look with faux-leather finish. This style features a supportive, highlighting pouch for your boys and rear straps that have buckles in the front. The 99140($19.48) Thong is made up of a microfiber that has a wet look with a faux-leather finish. This style features a zipper right on the pouch, that fully unzips for some fun, and several straps that wrap around to the thong strap in the back, accentuating your booty. Any of these styles will have anyone begging for another look.

The Candyman Leather and Kink Update are available in sizes S – XL.

Does the Candyman Leather and Kink Update have you feeling frisky? Which style do you see yourself getting kinky in? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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