Ergowear FEEL Suave Underwear, The Name Says It All

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The Ergowear FEEL Suave line of underwear combines the brand’s anatomical FEEL pouch design and their soft, sleek Suave material. The pouch has a 3-dimensional design with a non-defining shape that lets your package rest comfortable and naturally in the spotlight. The material (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex) is soft to the touch and even moisture wicking. Wear sexy Ergowear FEEL Suave underwear when you’re looking to break a sweat or wouldn’t mind one as a pleasant surprise.

The Ergowear FEEL Suave Thong ($26.48) is the most revealing underwear style in the new line. Aside from Ergowear’s FEEL pouch, the underwear consists of just enough fabric to wrap around your hips and disappear around the back in a classic thong fashion. The Ergowear FEEL Suave Bikini ($29.48) is cut just as narrow but provides full coverage around the rear.

The Ergowear FEEL Suave Boxer ($34.48) is cut more like a square cut trunk. Like other options in the Ergowear FEEL Suave line, the narrow underwear design has a low rise waist, but it looks lower because it’s not as narrow as the thong or bikini. With more Suave material, you get more of the sleek and soft moisture wicking material.

Each underwear style in the Ergowear FEEL Suave line places seams on either side of the FEEL pouch, giving it its non-defining shape. It fits just snug enough to feel natural and keeps the sexy sleek finish of the underwear where you want it.

The Ergowear FEEL Suave line is available in sizes S – XL and comes in black, red, turquoise and brown.

Which underwear style from the Ergowear FEEL Suave line do you find the most appealing? Have you been impressed by what Ergowear does for your junk? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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