Enjoy A Little Mystery With Kiniki G-String Pack

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Feeling the need to stock up on some new g-strings and be a bit spontaneous? Check out the Kiniki G-String Pack, it offers various patterns!

For people who have trouble deciding between different colors or patterns of styles, the Lucky Dip G-String Pack Of 4 ($31.18) is the pack for you. The pack includes four randomly selected g-stings, each designed with one of their vibrant prints. Each is unique and fun it its own way, and with 48 different options, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

The g-strings are made from a Poly Lycra material. The fabric is hypoallergenic, highly elastic, and durable. It’s also resistant to odor, shrinking, and creases. Each is designed with a clear HD print that’s designed exclusively in house, of course, and is even fade resistant. The Poly Lycra material is also quick-drying and resistant to sweat, which means it will keep you much drier than the average g-string.

The Lucky Dip G-Strings have a classic g-string cut. There is a pouch to cover and support your boys, and minimal coverage throughout the rest of the garment. The “waistband” is thin string to flaunt your best assets for all to see.

Kiniki is a unique English Brand that doesn’t outsource for any of their production, design, or manufacturing processes. Everything is made in-house to cut out the middle man. This means their products come straight from Kiniki to your doorstep.

What do you think of Kiniki G-String Pack? Do you love wearing g-strings or do you prefer boxer briefs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Kiniki

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