How To Double-Up On Marco Marco Style

Marco Marco Style

Who doesn’t like to represent their favorite underwear brands on a snazzy tee from time to time? Not every brand designs casual wear, but Marco Marco does. The brand currently offers five different t-shirt designs. Back them up with a pair of underwear, and you can easily double-up on your Marco Marco style. But which shirts go best with which pairs of underwear?

Four of the five available shirts are black, and easy enough to build onto. This means it’s time to have some fun, and really bring that Marco Marco style home. Or maybe, if you’re into that sort of thing – a hook-up’s house. Marco Marco style is all about flaunting what you got. And The Underwear Expert intends to keep it that way.


Marco Marco Tee – Pink Vinyl + Black and Neon Pink Briefs


The contrast between black and pink is always fun, sexy, and a little bit playful. This Marco Marco Tee has the brand logo applied in neon pink vinyl. What better underwear match for that is there than the Black and Neon Pink Briefs? None.

Marco Marco Tee – White Vinyl + Grey Kaleidoscope Brief


It’s almost too easy to get a one-two punch of Marco Marco style with this look. Because this Marco Marco tee has the eye-catching logo applied in white vinyl, we go with the equally eye-catching Grey Kaleidoscope Brief.

Metallic Marco Marco Tee + Black Sport Shorts



The flashier brother of the white Marco Marco Tee, the Metallic Marco Marco Tee is all about the flashy! The Black Sport Shorts keep the all-eyes-on-me attitude of the shirt, and back it up with see-through sheer you can’t look away from.

Emoji Tee + Mesh-Back Blacklight Brief – Red/Orange


The Emoji Tee is fun and bright compared to the other Marco Marco tees. It’s also a little tongue-in-cheeky. That’s why we’d pair this tee with the Mesh-Back Blacklight Brief – Red/Orange. We knew it had to have a mesh back, and this one is the brightest.

Love tee + Solid Boxer Brief – Scarlet


How sweet – this shirt shows the world some love with a period at the end. Is it sarcastic? Does it mean it? Either way, go with  the Solid Boxer Brief in Scarlet. Fiery red also looks right at home with black and white.


How do you rock your Marco Marco style? Which of the brand’s shirts do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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