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Bright colors and beach time fun are staples for the summer season! The Jor Arrecife Collection is filled with bright and vibrant shorts that will have you standing out on the beach this summer!

If you’re sea themed shorts check out the Baru short($56.80) and the Ibiza short($56.80). Both styles feature sea creatures everyone loves! The Baru short features a pattern of starfish and shellfish. The multicolored creatures pop on the white background giving each one a more vibrant energy. The Ibiza short shows a pattern of shrimp throughout the garment. The blue background contrasts with the shrimp’s natural colors. The waistband and leg trim are white to contrast with the whole pattern. Both styles would be perfect for your next ocean vacation!

If you’re a fan of vibrant busy patterns you will definitely love the Curazao, Nassao, and Neptuno Shorts ($56.80). These styles include intricate patterns and large pops of multiple colors that will catch anyone’s attention and a blue drawstring waistband. The Curazao short has a mi of pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange all bleeding into each other over a curvy pattern. The Neptuno short is features pops of different hues of blue, red, and pink over sea horses and fish. This style is reminiscent of what you might see snorkeling around a coral reef. The Nassao short features a geometric pattern of different hues of blue, mirroring the look of a kaleidoscope.

Feeling like you would prefer to keep it simple? Check out Jor’s Bay short($52.80). This style is a solid colored garment with minor black stripe down the sides. This style is available in green, gray, and blue.

The Jor Arrecife Collection is available in sizes S to XL.

Which style in the Jor Arrecife Collection would you like to wear to the beach? Where do you plan on going for vacation this summer? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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