Comfortable Boxers Co. Doubling Their Kickstarter Goal!

Comfortable Boxers Co.

Holding a successful Kickstarter Campaign is no easy feat. Not only did Comfortable Boxers Co. meet their goal, they have successfully doubled it!

The Comfortable Boxers Co. plans to deliver a premium boxer brief without the high price tag. With over nine hundred supporters, this is a product anyone can get behind! This campaign only has five days left, so if you decide to support their Campaign, you can choose from a few different options ranging from one pair all the way up to ten pairs of their boxer briefs! They estimate that their delivery date will be in August 2015.

Their signature boxer brief is made up of a 90 percent modal and 10 percent Elastane fabric blend that is super soft and flexible. This boxer brief will have you feeling comfortable with a snug supportive fit. The waistband doesn’t show any logos and is made up of a material that will contour to your curves for a soft awesome fit. They’re offering the boxer brief in jet black, navy blue, and stone gray.

To Learn more about the Comfortable Boxers Co. product and support them through their Kickstarter Campaign, click here.

Did you support the Comfortable Boxers Co. Kickstarter campaign? What do you think of getting high quality boxers for a lower price? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Comfortable Boxers Co.

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew

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