Colby Melvin’s SOAR Attracts With Positive Energy

SOAR is an up-and-coming brand that aims to attract with positive energy. Their mission: to Stand Out Above the Rest and to combat the negative messages of apathy we are consistently bombarded with in today’s world.

SOAR believes your clothes are a billboard that advertises who you are and what you stand for. But sadly that billboard is sometimes nothing more than “a meaningless mass corporate design.” Launched by model Colby Melvin and boyfriend Rocco Ybarra, this new brand is all about designing “conscious propaganda.” That’s why SOAR fills its billboards not just with thoughtful de signs, but with personality.

Colby models SOAR’s premier collection in their first photo campaign, and wouldn’t you know it, his sweet disposition is shining through. It’s summer in L.A. and the perfect weather for SOAR’s tanks and swim briefs. Both are made with graphic prints that’ll inspire some grins of admiration. So even if you don’t have Colby’s body or looks, you can at least have his style.

SOAR’s tank tops have narrow shoulder straps perfect for showing off Colby’s shoulders. Each of them is white and designed with a geometric print, but not like any you’ve seen before. Add a touch of geometric floral behind that and you’re wearing artwork, not a cut-and-paste design. But where SOAR’s tanks are a pleasant surprise of style, SOAR’s swim briefs are even better at sticking to the brand’s promise of youthful energy.

Two of SOAR’s stellar swim briefs are seen in the photoshoot below. One is solid blue and designed with hammerhead sharks. The other is white and designed with red cherries and green stems. Hold them against your average swim briefs and they’re more fun, and dare we say, happier? Of course, it helps that both swim briefs are paired with SOAR’s leather snapbacks for a boyish attitude. The red balloons also help. And for a little more edge, check out the shorts Colby wears. They’re part of SOAR’s upcoming line of streetwear.

Were you a fan of Colby Melvin’s before you came across his brand SOAR? Which SOAR Swim Brief do you think has the best personality? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: SOAR

Photo Credit: SOAR

Models: Colby Melvin

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