Cocksox Value Packs: Bump Up Your Briefs

The new Cocksox Value Packs handle your two most important bulges with care: your package, and your wallet. The new value packs include two Cocksox brief designs in bundles that make it more affordable to update your underwear collection with a one-stop shop. They come in different color variations to give you seasonal and more casual pairs.

The CX01 Brief 3-Pack ($69) includes the brand’s classic narrow brief in Ghost Grey, Melon, and Aqua Splash. The narrow cut alone is great for summer, and these three color variations make it even better. All three color variations are light, but the Melon and Aqua Splash briefs still simmer on the bold side. The Ghost Grey brief isn’t as bold. It’s most daring feature is its cut, making this one in particular great as an everyday, sexy pair.

The CX01 Brief 7-Pack ($140) is the largest of the new Cocksox value packs. It includes the same three color variations of the three pack in addition to Cloud 9 White, Carbon Black, Azure Blue and Purple Funk. With this many pairs you could have something skimpy and flattering to wear every day of the week. Because why should summer end? The original Cocksox pouch sits front and center on the CX01 Brief, always giving your package an upward and outward lift.

Other Cocksox value packs include the CSX01 Waistband Brief. The CSX01 Waistband Brief 4-Pack ($95) includes the design in Carbon Black, Ghost Grey, Aqua Splash, and Purple Funk. This sporty design is more discrete the the CX01 Brief. It features a Snug pouch that’s supportive but not overly distracting. The waistband also adds more width to the look and more coverage. But not much. The CSX03 Waistband Brief is still on the narrow side, and has a hip brief cut.

Cocksox Value Packs are available in sizes S-XL.

Which of the Cocksox value packs would you make the most use out of? Do you prefer your briefs with or without a waistband? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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