Chris Wells Wears PPÜ Well

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Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, take a look at this eye candy! Chris Wells wears PPÜ well and shows off his bulging muscles for photographer Armando Adajar.

Chris poses with a rolling rack of PPÜ underwear styles. Armando uses the rolling rack to create some texture in a mostly black background. The rolling rack also helps balance out Chris in the photographs since he’s a little off center. The black background contrasts with Chris’ skin and draws your eyes to him and the underwear styles.

PPÜ has a tendency to pull you in with its sexy playful styles that toy with all out seduction. Bring class to the bedroom in the most dressed up way with the 0956 Tuxedo Thong. This black and white style has a strap that extends from the underwear all the way up to wrap around your neck and is completed with a bowtie. If you find that you’re more of a boxer guy who still wants to dress to impress in the bedroom, check out the 1325 Tuxedo Boxer. This fun boxer brief is all black with a white pouch, complete with buttons and a bowtie. While you’re wearing these boxer briefs, you could ask your significant other to straighten your bowtie… wink, wink.

Fancy yourself as a strapping young man? Then take a look at some of the strappy styles in this shoot. The 1235 Brief shows off a little skin, leaving both of your hips exposed. The two straps on each side connect the pouch to the backside. This style is complete with blue and black preppy stripes. 1414 and 0965 Jockstraps give you classic jock coverage with a nice little booty lift. The 1414 is all black with a turquoise waistband, and the 0965 is black with white/black stripes and a white/black waistband. If you want to take your jockstrap game to the next level, try out 1305 Jockstrap. It’s all black with extra straps that give your booty an extra lift and some great shape. Find all of these styles and more on the Candyman Fashion online store!

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For more information on these brands: PPÜ

Find the styles below and more at Candyman Fashion.

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

Model Credit: Chris Wells

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