Can’t Go Wrong With Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety Of Styles

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If you’re looking to change up your underwear collection, then Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety of options will be perfect for you. Mundo Unico is known for having a wide range of patterns, stripes, colors, and fits that will have any underwear enthusiast jumping for joy!

If you’re a guy who finds himself partial to stripes, check out Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety styles, such as the Favela Short Boxer, Gardel brief, and the Caribbean Bikini Hucal. The Favela short boxer has horizontal stripes in red, yellow, and lilac. The stripes meet right over your package, drawing eyes to your main event. The Gardel Brief has black and grey diagonal stripes and a white wide waistband. The stripes on the pouch start from the base of the underwear and continue to the tip of the pouch, elongating your business. The Caribbean Bikini Hucal features minimal coverage on your thighs and skinny black stripes with wider white stripes. This Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety also features a black waistband and shows off your beautiful body to whomever you’re trying to impress.

Are you interested in Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety styles with more going on? Check out the patterned styles: the Valentine’s short boxer and Inca mid-boxer. The Valentine’s pattern features a word pattern in dark pink over a lighter pink background. The Inca pattern features a geometric pattern of baby blue, coral, grayish blue, light grey, and black. This style is fun and eye-catching.

If you’re into solid colors, check out the Intenso Caribbean Bikini, Sudafrica Mid Boxer, and Microfiber Cristalino White Mid-Boxer in Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety of styles. The Intenso comes in black and features a supportive pouch. The Sudafrica is neon blue and features a grey and yellow logo waistband. The Cristalino is all white and also features an all-white logo waistband. If you like the simple, classic look, this would definitely be your style. If you’re looking for some casual wear to lounge around the house in, check out the Profundo Long John, which is all blue and hugs your form.

For guys interested in showing off a little skin, check out the the jockstraps and thongs such as the Oni T-Thong and Anaki Jock Strap. The Oni curves around the top of your bum and in, showing off a nice shape. The Anaki is neon pink, and features black supportive straps under your bum, lifting and supporting your cheekier side.

Mundo Unico features many other styles and cuts for you to choose from.

Which style of Mundo Unico’s Wide Variety of styles do you see yourself in? What’s your favorite underwear cut? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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