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Baskit Ribbed Jock Brief

N2N Activewear is what you hope to catch your gym crush wearing every time you workout. The sexy Los Angeles-based brand has a well-rounded aesthetic, so long an you’re in the market for something a little trendy with a flashy fit. Whether it’s tank tops or active pants, N2N Activewear is played up to look athletic, but not like their underwear or swimwear. Instead, N2N Activewear has its tunnel vision focus on a more casual active style.

Some brands seem to forget their activewear isn’t covered by your outfit like their underwear. They keep up with their erotic side of things. But if we’re being honest, there aren’t a whole lot of men who’d ever wear something majorly mesh, let alone to the gym. But N2N Activewear is just the right amount of flattering to look unassuming yet worthy of attention.

Some N2N Activewear Collections are sexier than others. The Slim Gym and Basic Gym collections have the most universal appeal with color variations in shades of blue and grey. Both include tanks and sweatpants, as well as shorts in the Basic Gym Collection. Each is full coverage, discrete, and focused on your performance and style more than sneaky sexy touches.

There are three N2N Activewear Collections that flirt with the line between practical and provocative even more – the Gym Boy 2.0, Tritech, and Cotton Sport collections. Each of these collections offers something for the gym Adonis who knows he looks good, and doesn’t care how much skin he shows. The Gym Boy 2.0 Short is a short short to run with the best of them. The same goes for the Tritech Split Short, which isn’t far from the Euro Split Short found in N2N’s Eroticwear.

Do you feel invincible in your N2N Activewear? Do you have more active tops or bottoms in your gym look rotation? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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