A Brief Look At Mundo Unico Briefs

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Mundo Unico briefs succeed first and foremost for being modern. They are pairs more suited to fashion-conscious men, as are most briefs in general. But with Mundo Unico briefs you get modern cuts that actually aren’t played up to be skimpy and erotic. What a novel idea! Instead these mature looks bite just enough to give you a taste of Mundo Unico’s Colombian roots.

The currently released Mundo Unico briefs are offered in solid and striped designs. That being said, they’re thousands of miles from plain. The stripes are most exotic on the Camerun Brief with a nifty palette of navy, light blue, and pink. The Ampay Brief is the most exotic design. It has a fiery red body with a contrasting white waistband.

Each has a contemporary hip brief style, but what keeps the balance is a mix-match of cut and design. The more athletically cut briefs are given everyday color treatments. Likewise, the more modern cuts are given trendier stripe designs to make the most of the small amount of extra coverage.

The Cristalino Brief, Intenso Brief, and Asfalto Brief are Mundo Unico’s white, black, and grey basics, respectively. They’re made from cotton blend (93% Cotton, 7% Spandex) that gives their basics the perfect amount of stretch. And keeping with the brand’s hotly modern designs, they’re given a low rise waistband and the brand’s signature contour pouch. After all, nothing is more fashionable, modern and attractive, than a flattering fit. For that, low rise and a contoured pouch are a must.

How many Mundo Unico briefs do you own? Which Mundo Unico brief do you think brings out the most of the brand’s Colombian-inspired designs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Mundo Unico

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