A Brief Look At Marco Marco

Brief Look At Marco Marco

One of the best things about Marco Marco briefs is that they’re the right amount of sexy, and represent a brand that’s known for its bold, dramatic designs. The Underwear Expert takes a brief look at Marco Marco, and breaks down everything from their solid-colored classics to their daring mesh-back blacklight designs. But even when it comes to Marco Marco’s most basic briefs, you’re getting something that’s sexier than the average pair.

Our Brief Look At Marco Marco focuses on Marco Marco Solid Briefs, which come in Scarlet Red, Deep Lemon, Peacock Green, Cerulean, Plum, and Pewter. Each color option is also colorblocked and accented with black. The pop of color is contained to the pouch and leg seams. This leaves the rear coverage in black, and makes even the more striking colors go-to looks for any given day. Their have a hip brief cut wide enough to be somewhat discrete.

If we’re taking a brief look at Marco Marco for everyday looks, then their Essential Brief and Limited Edition Black Briefs are the solid brief’s only competition. The Marco Marco Essential Brief is a solid black contrasted by neon pink seams – three on the pouch and one down the back for enhanced definition all around. The two Limited Edition Black Briefs come in neon green and neon pink variations. Their pop of color is used for leg bindings and two seams around the pouch. Nothing beats a solid black brief as a casual look, and these use Marco Marco’s vibrant attitude in a more sexy yet erotic way.

You can’t say the same for the six Marco Marco briefs designed with mesh. For the next Brief Look At Marco Marco, we notice that four of them use two neon colors on the pouch and leg bindings. The rest of the look is black and see-through sheer. The other two designs are red and green lightning prints on black. These pairs wrap the mesh around your rear, but limit the tease with a borderline discrete rear panel. Sometimes, lightning does strike twice.

What pair catches your eye when you take a brief look at Marco Marco briefs? Is there a favorite Marco Marco pair in your collection? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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