Boxers Or Briefs: Heard It Through The Hollywood & Vine

James Pianka is back on the streets for his second episode of “Boxers Or Briefs.” This time around he’s at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, where apparently boxer briefs reign supreme.

During this outing, James runs into a P.E. teacher, a marketing consultant for The Art of Shaving, and an 18-year-old Pizza Hut employee. You’d think this would guarantee a variety of tastes in underwear, but this isn’t the case. From what we can tell each of these guys are straight. Which we’d like to think has no effect on their fashion sense – underwear included. But we aren’t lying when one guy says “…all my undergarments, I don’t spend any money on.” All we can say is, we launched our Curated Underwear Club for a reason.

Check out out latest episode of “Boxers Or Briefs” below, and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more of James Pianka.

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: James Pianka Exclusively for The Underwear Expert


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