Blackspade Best Sellers, Two Ace Collections

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Underwear brand Blackspade hit the ground running after entering the U.S. market. With the help of brand ambassador Vincent De Paul, both average men and celebrities alike discovered what makes Blackspade one of the most comfortable designers of men’s underwear on the market today. But two collections were Blackspade best sellers and real aces in the hole. Both included more elegant takes on underwear basics, which in the end, makes your everyday style that much better.

It’s no surprise the Silver Collection became a Blackspade best seller. The collection’s underwear is some of Blackspade’s most stylish, all thanks to a thick silver waistband and a comfortable choice of fabric (94% Modal, 6% Elastane). For men who like just a tad more class with their flash, the Blackspade Silver Collection also includes a brief and shorty designed without that metallic waistband. Instead, they get a minimal metal tag on the waist.

Another Blackspade best seller is their Mood Collection. Like the Silver Collection, the Mood Collection also uses Modal (46% Modal, 46% Cotton, %8 Elastane) for underwear that has a smoother, sleeker finish. Blackspade’s Mood underwear has a more casual attitude than pairs in the Silver Collection. Underwear in the Mood Collection have a thinner waistband, sometimes made even more casual with striped accents. Other designs in the Mood Collection bring back a more elevated style, with dual tones waistbands that are far from metallic but still pack an attractive shimmer.

While every Blackspade collection provides a higher level of comfort and casual style, the Silver and Mood collections are the best of the best. Put your money where your junk is! Treat yourself to one of Blackspade’s best-selling collections.

Which best-selling Blackspade collection do you own more pairs of underwear from? What do you think makes a better underwear basic? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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  1. Andrew Carlton Whitesel says:

    Backspace is really quite sexy. First time to voice my opinion. I’m the owner of a jewelery store/company where I specialize in design. The underwear pictured above looks comfortable,sexy and also appears to be made well. Big difference from the old white jockey shorts. Sincerely. Andrew Carlton

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