Binge Watch Our 3 Favorite Mundo Unico Videos

Mundo Unico Videos

Take a break from what you’re doing and catch up on The Underwear Expert’s 3 favorite Mundo Unico videos. Each of the brand’s collections is released with a photoshoot and video campaign that basically features a model, sans clothes, wandering (but not lost) in the wilderness.

The Mundo Unico videos, set to slow burning songs, showcase the collection campaigns, and truly sets the mood for the underwear. But what makes these three our favorites in particular, is that they set the mood to not just their underwear, but Mundo Unico, as a culturally-inspired brand from Colombia.

3. Africa

Our bronze medal of sorts goes to Mundo Unico’s latest Africa Collection. They take us along for an underwear safari. When was the last time you went on an underwear safari? How about today, on your lunch break – right after watching these Mundo Unico videos, of course?

2. Mestizo

Silver goes to this spring’s Mestizo Collection in the Mundo Unico videos. When it’s spring, we want something easy breeze-y. And when it’s Mundo Unico, we want to feel that Colombian twist. This spring breeze blew the right way – and then some.

1. Amazonia

And the gold medal for one of the best Mundo Unico videos goes to…the Amazonia Collection. It’s an oldie but a goodie, and in our expert opinion, one of the brand’s best appearances. You get the brand’s mature sense of adventure, and the tempting exotic heat of a man in the rainforest. Nice one, Mundo Unico videos!

Which of the Mundo Unico videos is your favorite? Or better yet, what is your favorite pair of Mundo Unico underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Munco Unico

Video Credit: Mundo Unico

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