Better Than Fireworks: The Candyman Fourth Of July Sale

Candyman Fourth Of July Sale

This year, celebrate a different kind of freedom with the Candyman Fourth of July Sale. For one day only, you can save 25% off their entire online store! Whether it’s a sexy Americana look you cannot even handle, like the Candyman Patriotic Line, or something more classically erotic, Candyman wants you to have a second kind of freedom in mind when you’re watching the fireworks with your significant other or friends – one that allows your wallet (as well as your underpants) to breathe a bit easier.

Candyman is one of the first brands The Underwear Expert thinks of when looking for revealing, intriguing underwear. The brand has a sexy history, to say the least. Their designs are no strangers to see-through fabrics and revealing cuts. So no matter how you take advantage of the Candyman Fourth of July Sale, you’ll likely end up with something provocative in the mail. When it comes to Candyman’s underwear, almost every single one is blatantly erotic. If you can’t see through the material, chances are there isn’t any there.

With the Candyman Fourth of July Sale offering a 25% discount on the brand’s entire 2015 Collection, you can stock up on all the sexy underthings missing from your drawer – because Candyman’s favorite kind of freedom is the one feel beneath your pants – which could be why the brand often leaves little to the imagination, allowing you to feel more of a breeze than you normally would with other pairs of underwear.

Use coupon code independence to take advantage of the Candyman Fourth of July Sale, and save you 25%.

Planning to save with the Candyman Fourth of July Sale? Do you like to rock your best patriotic underwear on Independence Day? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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