A Backstage Look At The Moda Cálida Fashion Show

Moda Cálida

The runway presentations at this year’s Moda Cálida Fashion Show were fashionable, sexy, and all about embracing the blend of cultures found on the Canary Islands. Various designers and labels made a splash at Swimwear Fashion Week with their modern takes on men’s swimwear. From the fashions to the fit men who wore them, it’s sure to go down as one of this year’s most stunning fashion shows. And another thing that set the Moda Cálida Fashion Show apart? Spanish actor and model Maxi Iglesias was among the men owning the runway.

Photographer Adrian C. Martin attended the stellar Moda Cálida show and provides glimpses of the event from the runway and from backstage. Go behind the scenes and you see all those models – Maxi Iglesias included – are just as gorgeous on the runway as they are in their street clothes. Sure they get primped and perfected with hair stylists and makeup artists, but everyone knows these guys don’t need as much work as the rest of us.

By the look of things, each of the models in this year’s Moda Cálida Fashion Show fall into one of two categories when it comes to their pre-fashion show attitude: some of them are smiling and social, ready to rock what they got and look irresistible doing it. Maxi Iglesias is all smiles before zoning in to get his hair done. Jabel Balbuena throws a wink toward Adrian C. Martin’s camera. O’Shea Robertson shuts his eyes to get some makeup powdered on, and throws a killer smile much too charming for the runway itself.

Jose Lamuño and Oliver Baggerman are more in-the-zone at the Moda Cálida Fashion Show. They’re feeling themselves just as much as the other guys, and have that sexy-stern model face down to a science. Oliver tunes into his headphones and is just ready to look attractive for a living. Ivan Noda and Carlos Gomez are also plugging into their tech. Because one thing these models have in common with the rest of us: they like to be on their phones.

Is there a certain model from the Moda Cálida Fashion Show that you find impossibly attractive? Are you an avid fan of actor Maxi Iglesias? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin


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