Alex Goes All-American In Wood Hip Briefs

Wood Hip Briefs

Can we get hip hip hooray for Wood hip briefs? They take the brand’s classic casual style and cut it the way we like it best: narrow and high on the hips. You’ve heard us say that simple designs speak volumes over more erotic, exotic pairs. This is entirely true for Wood hip briefs. They have the same charm as your ideal boy-next-door, that retro All-American aesthetic with just enough sporty style. Of course, when Wood hip briefs are modeled by Alex in photographer Armando Adajar’s latest, that boy-next-door charm grows up, puts on muscle, and comes even closer.

Alex models Wood Hip Briefs in Crimson Red, White, and Hermosa Blue. He also models Wood’s v-neck shirt in Crimson Red, but for just one shot. Either way, Alex looks more than ready for any Fourth of July party if you ask us. The man has some serious muscles, and his hip briefs are more than able to show them off. Start from the jaw and go down to the chest; then look down at all those abs, and to that toned Adonis belt waist.

The Wood Hip Briefs rest low on Alex’s hips to expose a little more of his front. But not too much. Wood’s gold-accented white waistbands are always there to keep things in line. But with the word “wood” printed so close to your package, are you fooling anyone? Wood Hip Briefs are the most revealing of this brand’s underwear designs. They technically don’t reveal anything, but their on-point style leaves you wanting to see more.

Do you think Alex looks perfect enough to wear Wood Hip Briefs? Do you think he looks best in red, white, or blue? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Wood

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

Model: Alex

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