The 9 Sexiest Marco Marco Selfies On Instagram

Marco Marco waistbands are one of the more popular ones to show off. They have a reputation as a more fashionable brand, one that’s cutting edge and sharply sexy. Sometimes you see them hugging go-go boys at the better club. Sometimes you find Marco Marco selfies on Instagram. The Underwear Expert did, and without spoiling anything, you’re welcome.

The 9 Marco Marco selfies below serve up more than forward-thinking (and dirty-minded) underwear. You also get a Marco Marco MM Snapback or three. Without giving too much away: there’s a grand total of 42 abs, one waistband tug, and one mirror shot of a mesh-back rear. You won’t have to keep your eye out for some awesome tattoos either.

As sexy as our favorite Marco Marco selfies are, we give them credit for remaining on the more fashionable side of attention-getting. Sure you can see straight through the backs of several Marco Marco brief, but their not without some tasteful designs that keep you looking your best-come-hither-dressed.

Have you taken a sexy selfie to show off your Marco Marco underwear? Which of The Underwear Expert’s favorite Marco Marco selfies are you on the same page with? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearxpert.

For more information on this brand: Marco Marco

Photo Credit: Marco Marco, Instagram

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