7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear Will Have You Turning Heads This Summer

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear

Many know Cocksox for their sexy styles that are as fun as they are attention grabbing. These are 7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear Will Have You Turning Heads This Summer!

7. CX08APR Amazon Swim Trunks – Not only will the colorful Amazon Print catch some eyes, but the tight fit and the way the cut highlights the glutes would catch even more eyes. This style also features a contoured pouch to support and display your boys as you walk around the beach.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 7


6. CX79PR Boy Leg Swim Brief – Show off a little more skin with this nautical-themed swim brief! The red and white stripes cling to your body leaving little to the imagination!

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 6


5. CX08NP Neoprene Swim Trunk – This style in our “7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear…” List will keep up when you need it to. If you’re trying to impress someone at the beach by doing some rigorous activity in the water, the Neoprene material will contour to your body and stay strong when you need it to the most. This style also features a contoured pouch that will support and highlight your boys as you strut your stuff.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 5


4. CX79LPR Boy Leg Swim Brief – Release your inner animal in this leopard print brief! The tight cut and contoured pouch will have you catching the gaze of many interested parties.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 4


3. CX02NP Neoprene Swim Brief – Show off your hot body in this brief that could easily pass as a bikini cut! Like the Swim trunk, this style is very durable and will contour to your body while you work hard! This style also had a release buckle on the hip if you decide to tease an interested onlooker.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 3


2. CX02APR Amazon Swim Briefs – This sexy little number will have all eyes on you. It covers minimal thigh and waist to leave little to the imagination. The fit is snug and has a enhancing pouch so your boys will look their best while you’re talking to some prospects.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 2


1. CSX Retro Boardshort – This style will keep you a little more covered up but still looking just as sexy as all the other styles. This board short is cut around low-to-mid thigh, showing off just a whisper of skin. The tight fit will have all the boys in your yard, and they won’t be there for the milkshakes.

7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear 1


Are you going to wear your favorite Cocksox styles to the beach after these 7 Reasons Cocksox Swimwear will have you turning heads? Which style of Cocksox swimwear is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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