Where Wood You Wear It?

Where Wood You Wear It?

Wood Underwear is a brand for the man’s man in you: the young athlete, the adventurer, the hiker, biker, and swimmer. They’re an underwear design house dedicated to comfort, quality and style on every adventure. And to show just how stylish you can be when wearing Wood, we’ve compiled the Where Wood You Wear It? list. The Where Wood You Wear It? list is a roundup of some bucket list-worthy outdoor outings where Wood would serve you best.

1. Wood’s Liquid Camo Hip Brief ($28) for some Cape Town cage diving. One of three of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape Town is also a global capital for diving with great white sharks — albeit behind the protective bars of a marine-grade stainless steel shark cage. Wood’s Liquid Camo print stands out as one that would blend in not only with the ocean’s depths, but also that ultra-sleek, steely gray shark skin.


2. The Digital Camo Biker Brief ($28) is next on our the Where Wood You Wear It? list, for a motorcycle road trip up to the state of California. Wood’s Biker Brief is one of the brand’s stylistic staples, and its name makes us want to hitch a ride on a Harley – preferably the one belonging to Sons of Anarchy star Jax Teller. Surely the actor/gorgeous man-god Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax) could give us a tour of his home state. We’d blend right in with Hunnam’s biker pals in Wood’s Digital Camo.



3. Wood Orange Brief ($20) is for a game of beach volleyball. Ok, sure – this one isn’t exactly bucket list-worthy, unless the location is truly topnotch, but these brightly colored briefs look like the perfect blend of underwear and outerwear, and they’re perfect for our the Where Wood You Wear It? list. Why not try them out for a sandy game of Newcomb? They’ve got the style and the support to carry you on to victory.



3. The Hermosa Trunk ($20) for some Chilean windsurfing. The seaside South American country boasts some of the prettiest Pacific-blue coastline—as well as the world’s largest swimming pool, in which you can even sail a catamaran or two — that’s perfect for catching wind and wave. Try out the Spanish titled Hermosa Trunks to get in the spirit before grabbing your board.


Where would you wear your Wood Underwear? Windsurfing? A Harley tour? Cage diving? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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