Wood Striate Line, Stay in Line

Spring stripes are in and Wood Underwear is ahead of the game, rolling out a whole new line of striped boxers in bright spring colors. The Wood Striate Line’s designs — Orange, Midnight, Purple and Aqua — are all made from the fabric house Lenzing’s lyocell Tencel blend. Keeping in line with Wood’s name, it’s a botanic fiber extracted from raw wood. Together these botanic boxers make up the Wood Striate Line, which was inspired by the striations in tree trunks.

Just like those tree trunk striations, the stripes on these styles run uninterrupted. The brand has even done away with side seams for the Wood Striate Line, merging comfort and appearance into one design decision. This is Wood Underwear’s classic attention to fashionable functionality. The Tencel fabric carries on that theme, washing and wearing just like cotton but with anti-microbial, anti-moisture and thermo-control properties worked in as well.

With all these added features, the only decision left to make is what color. The Aqua and Purple designs stand out as the best spring/summer options in the lineup. Mixing orange with these sunset hues makes for underwear drawer additions you can’t pass up.

The Wood Striate Line is available in sizes S-XL.

Would you go for Purple or Aqua, Orange or Midnight? What do you think of wood fiber underwear? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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