This Week In Men’s Underwear: May 24th – June 1st 2015

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Pride month is upon us and so are some new sexy Pride-themed styles, as well as other new releases! You’ll find that with this nice weather comes a lot of activewear and swimwear! Check out this Week In Men’s Underwear: May 24th – June 1st, 2015:

Andrew Christian: The Naked Pride Briefs will have your boys hanging free and natural while you celebrate Gay Pride this year! The neon detailing also glows under black light, so this would be the perfect pair to wear at a club or an afterparty! The Teaser Collection will have you showing off a little skin! This sexy, provocative collection will have your newest conquest drooling. The update to the Twerk Collection will have you seducing people from all directions with the bulge enhancement feature and the backless design that shows off your booty!

Andrew Christian also released the Tighty Whitie Pride Collection. This collection will have you remembering the tighty whities you used to wear when you were younger, just with a sexy adult twist! The easy access seam allows you to get to your manhood with ease and the pride waistband will make it the perfect choice to wear at the pride!

aussieBum: Geotron Swimwear Range will have you enjoy your trip to the beach. With some color options, you can have a pair for every occasion! The Aztec Swimwear Range‘s bright colors and patterns are inspired by the ancient empire, mixed with modern cuts and design!

BodyAware: Three Degrees of Dazzle briefs shines enough to catch some attention and shows off enough leg to keep catching the onlooker’s eye.

Gregg Homme: The Sunstud Swimwear gives you a studded edgy look on the beach that will have heads turning!

Hawai: The Active Line boxer will have you performing better in the gym or while playing sports. So step up your game and look good doing it, too.

Malebasics: Camo Collection will have your sex appeal sneaking up on your partner and drawing them in for that much-wanted attention.

Mosmann: Active Collection will have you looking and feeling great while you perform at your peak.

Papi: The My Pride 2015 Collection offers several different styles with a special Pride logo waistband for your 2015 Pride needs! This collection offers a lot of options so you and your friends will all find something to like!

Teamm8: Get that slamming beach body you’ve been dreaming about all winter in the Activewear 2015 Update! Look great while you tighten your body!

Tommy John: Take casual wear to the next level with the Moroccan Tee! Be comfortable and look great in any of the colors it offers!

XDress: Show off a little skin in the Spring Plaid Range! This plaid collection will have your significant other begging you to break off a piece!

Xtremen: The Graphic Boxers are sporty, fashionable, and bold with their various stripes and bold logo waistbands, you could never go wrong!

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, BodyawareGregg Homme, Hawai, Malebasics, Mosmann, Papi, Teamm8, Tommy JohnXDress, and Xtremen

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Bodyaware, Gregg Homme, Hawai, Malebasics, Mosmann, Papi, Teamm8, Tommy John, XDress, and Xtremen


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