The Freedom Reigns Americana Line And Dupont Swim Briefs

Freedom Reigns Americana Line

The Freedom Reigns Americana Line and the Dupont Line both include swim briefs that emanate a classic sort of athleticism. Both are designed with contoured pouches and made from a high-quality nylon that allows each line’s swim briefs to fit comfortably snug. Both the Freedom Reigns Americana and Dupont swim briefs are also designed with one of the brand’s coolest innovates for their 2015 Collection: the off-center drawstring.

The Freedom Reigns Americana Line ($64) comes in two contrasting designs that sport colorblocked shades of patriotic red and navy. White trim is used to accent the leg openings, as well as asymmetrical stripes on the left hip. The Freedom Reigns Americana swim brief’s drawcord is also navy, either contrasting the red pouch or blending into the navy. On the left hip is a small Freedom Reigns seal, adding to the USA-appeal.

The Freedom Reigns Dupint Line ($60) boasts a simpler, more elegant design with colorblocked white and black panels that make it even more classic. Similar to the Americana Line, the Dupont Line’s drawcord is black on both designs.The cord is again placed on the right hip. The drawstring’s portion matches the swim brief’s body for a more contemporary looks that reads as awesomely asymmetrical. The Freedom Reigns Americana and Dupont Swimwear Lines are available in sizes S – XL.

Do you prefer the Freedom Reigns Americana line, or the Dupont line? Are swim brief cuts your go-to summer swim style? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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