Tani Underwear: A Brief Update

Tani Underwear

Quality really is key when it comes to today’s underwear. You need a well-stocked undergarment wardrobe that’s not only fashionable, but also comfortable and durable. Some of the more advanced factors that go into modern quality configuration are water-resistant and bacteria-fighting fabrics, or biodegradable and environmentally-friendly fibers. But none of that matters if the basics aren’t covered: things like softness, pouch size, coverage, and color.

Tani Underwear is a brand that does it all, and where the design house really shines is in its lineup of briefs. The style is found in two of Tani’s key collections: AirFit and SilkCut, both of which are characterized by their material.

The AirFit briefs ($29-$40) from Tani Underwear are made from 95% Micro Tencel and 5% Lycra, a biodegradable textile combo from the fabric house Lenzing. It’s a naturally hygienic, anti-odor, anti-bacteria material that wicks away 50% more moisture than cotton. And it comes sewn as a special piqué knit that joins strength with softness. It’s performance underwear with comfort in mind, and comes in both the classic low-rise and high-rise constructions with calm color options.

SilkCut from Tani Underwear steps things up a notch. Tani’s touting the briefs in this collection as the first in men’s underwear to be sewn from the ultra-thin, ultra-fine fabric known as Micro Modal Air. It’s a fiber concoction softer than silk, yet infused with elastane to maintain stretch and durability. SilkCut packs three brief options ($40): a classic high-rise, a low-rise hip brief, and a middle-of-the-hip simple brief. Each packs a punch soft and silky enough to make you wanting more.

Which Tani Underwear Collection would you wear? What do you think of a fabric finer than silk? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

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