Tani LuxeLine, The Finer Threads In Life

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The Tani LuxeLine Collection includes two trunks made from a material that’s “exclusively produced for Tani by the foremost fine fabric mill in the world.” The Superfine™ fabric (88% MicroModal AIR, 9% Lycra, 3% Polyester) has a level of softness beyond compare, and a fit that shapes to every contour on your body. Both of Tani’s LuxeLine trunks rethink what it means to have a “second-skin fit,” and do it while keeping the brand’s promise to luxury.

The Tani LuxeLine Contour Trunk ($75) is designed with a waistband that has a touch of shimmer. That light shines a more dressy-casual direction on the Storm color. This look has a plaid purple body, which is contrasted by a silver grey waistband. On the Ocean Blue option, the waistband is darker than the navy plaid body, and instead gives the look a classy, more sophisticated finish. The most sophisticated thing of all? Intelligent vertical seams that contour your rear for a fit that’s the very definition of flattering.

For guys who see nothing but seamless, the Tani LuxeLine Simple Trunk ($75) does away with the waistband for an appearance that’s as smooth and sleek as the fit. You could say the solid Seamfoam color does it best. The soft color wraps around in a seamless fit for a luxurious aesthetic. But the Storm option carries the plaid onto the waistband. It’s even more fashion-forward, and a standout design from the Tani LuxeLine Collection.

The Tani LuxeLine Collection is available in sizes S – XL, and comes in Seafoam, Storm, and Ocean Blue.

Which trunk from the Tani LuxeLine Collection matches your idea of sophisticated underwear? Do you prefer a contrasting waistband over a matching one? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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