The Summer 6 Pairs Of Mundo Unico Swim

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When you think of Mundo Unico’s underwear, you probably think of versatile designs, a multi-cultural appeal, and a flattering athletic fit. Mundo Unico swimwear fits the same bill, and with a stunning amount of elegance. The brand’s swimwear is even more refined than their underwear. Some Mundo Unico Swimwear designs boast unique prints and stripes, just like their underwear. But most of of the brand’s swimwear designs are solid. Because when it comes to Mundo Unico and the water, simple sophistication reigns supreme.

1. Swimwear Sidney Black


The Swimwear Sidney Black Swim Brief is one of the most clean-cut Mundo Unico Swimwear designs. It’s a simple black swim brief with a contoured front to give your package a flattering amount of definition.

2. Swimwear Oceano Swimwear Grey

Untitled-2While the Swimwear Oceana Swimwear Grey is technically a full-coverage style, the form-fitting blend of Nylon and Spandex fits so well it could be considered somewhat indiscrete. But the grey color and modern square cut keeps style as a first-string player.

3. Swim Brief Playa Tempano


Asymmetrical designs are also a nice surprise. This Mundo Unico Swimwear design takes a white swim brief and color blocks navy blue on the pouch. Add a thing strip of light blue on the right and you have something that’s as fashionable as it is sporty.

4. Swim Brief Playa Tejido Tricolor


Now this looks more like Mundo Unico. Keeping with the Colombian brand’s flair for the unique, the Swim Brief Playa Tejido Tricolor uses a warm color palette. The stripes look better than any stripes you’ve seen lately. People will stare trying to make out all the colors.

5. Swim Brief Playa Duna


This Mundo Unico Swimwear design does things simple and sporty. It’s built similar to the Swimwear Sidney Black, but adds a yellow contrasting trim around the waist and leg seams. The black/yellow contrast is eye-catching, and one of the more fashionable ways to look athletic.

6. Swimwear Oceano Sidney White


If white is ever right, it’s during summer. This pair of Mundo Unico swimwear takes a modern trunk cut and wraps you in a band of tight white. Three front seams and a rear seam bring more definition to your front and back.

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For more information on this brand: Mundo Unico

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