Strut Your Stuff In The XDress French Lace Eyelet Short

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XDress is known for its sexy, risky styles that break down gender binaries and leave you with a gorgeous, sensual, and creative garment. The wearer is provided the opportunity to fully express his true self through these designs without shame! The XDress French Lace Eyelet short sticks to the XDress “status quo” with its inventive style. This short is elegant with a bit of feminine flair, the perfect touch to your ever-growing wardrobe!

The XDress French Lace Eyelet Short ($22.50) is white and made of a soft, lightweight cotton. This garment has an eyelet lace detail on the leg opening, giving it that feminine, beautiful edge we love to see from XDress. This style features an elastic waistband for your comfort. The short is low cut, and the leg opening rests on your upper thigh, allowing for you to show a little skin! The fabric is breathable, comfortable and also see-through, so if you’re not planning on showing off your goods, make sure you wear a pair of undies; and if you do plan on showing off your goodies, more power to you!

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For more information on this brand: BodyAware

Photo Credit: XDress

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