The Sportier Side Of N2N 2015 Swim

N2N 2015 Swim

The N2N 2015 Swim Collection takes everything sexy and stylish about the brand’s underwear and equips it to handle wet and wild conditions. Grab any of the tempting new designs blindly, and you’ll probably pick something on the narrow side. The PX Racer ($34), Sea Diver ($36), and LA Glow ($40) swim trunks all fit this bill – almost as well as they fit your body. And something these three standalone designs have that the others don’t, is a 50/50 match-up of sporty design and sexy fashion. The N2N 2015 Swim Collection truly outdid itself.

The N2N PX Racer Swim Trunk is made from a form-fitting poly blend (79% polyester, 21% spandex) that curves high on your hips to show your thighs, and supplies your booty with a more flattering fit. The design is colorblocked like a sporty pair of underwear could be. Available in royal, maroon, white, and grey, the color variation is blocked to the pouch and rear. And then down the sides is a contrasting panel of black with a small yellow stripe. It makes a stylish touch to the N2N 2015 Swim Collection, and to any color variation, and gives the provocative swim style some masculinity.

The Sea Diver Trunk is made from a nylon blend (83% nylon, 17% spandex) and comes in red, charcoal, and aqua. Its design is similar to the PX Racer, but runs longer with it. This style has a true square cut and panels that curve down either side. Also like the PX Racer, the main color is used to highlight your package and rear, and leaves room for a sporty contrast down the sides.

The LA Glow Swim Trunk is made from the same material as the Sea Diver Trunk but has more of a swim brief cut. It’s wider than the PX Racer, and more narrow than the Sea Diver. And with that amount of space, N2N 2015 Swim does some sexy things with bold colors. This design comes in neon green, neon orange, and turquoise, but each is more colorful than that.

The N2N PX Racer, Sea Diver, and LA Glow swim trunks are available in sizes S – XL in the N2N 2015 Swim Collection.

Are you a man who prefers narrow styles of swimwear? Which of the sportier N2N 2015 Swim looks would you be so bold as to wear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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