Shine Bright Like Summer In Bodyaware Satin Leggings

The new Bodyaware Satin Leggings ($43.50) are the perfect cross between the brand’s masculinity and sense of gender-bending. It’s a true, body-hugging pair of leggings that’s cut for a man’s curves. Similar to long underwear, these Bodyaware Satin Leggings are designed with a contoured pouch for shape and comfort. It adds to your front, and the overall athletic cut of the leggings. Think performance underwear meets luxury loungewear.

The shimmery satin blend of Bodyaware’s new Satin Leggings (93% Nylon, 7% Spandex) has enough stretch to pull of the design’s athletic twist. The skinny fit legs read like active apparel, even with the lustrous satin. The Bodyaware Satin Leggings are also designed with a contouring seam down the rear. This gives your backside the same sexy definition as your front. The rear seam even brings the Bodyaware Satin Leggings closer to its sporty roots. If it weren’t for the shine – or if we lived in a perfect world – the white Bodyaware Satin Leggings would be identitcal to football pants.

The Bodyaware Satin Leggings come in Black, White, Pink, Turquoise, and Navy. Each pair makes a great, sexy look for a never-ending summer day. The pink and turquoise leggings are easily the most seasonal. The white and black you could pull out anytime. Same goes for the navy leggings. Give a dark shade of blue a little shine and you’re in nothing but money.

The Bodyaware Satin Leggings L194 are available in sizes S-2XL.

Would you spend an entire 24 hours in your Bodyaware Satin Leggings? Which color do you think makes the most sultry satin? Let us know

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